terms and conditions

Domestic work:

  • Payment required immediately on completion of the work or at soonest opportunity available.
  • Additional residential late payment fee of 8% added per day overdue. If payment cannot be made within the allotted time, customer must contact Windows Cleaned Today to arrange soonest available opportunity to pay.
  • Customers need to leave their address as a reference in order for us to see that they have paid for the service.
  • If they don’t leave an address as a reference, then it will be assumed that they haven’t paid. There
  • fore if not paid within (one) day, will incur additional charges as per late fees quoted before.
  • Price quoted is fully inclusive price paid by customer to Windows Cleaned Today.
  • If, upon starting the job, Windows Cleaned Today find there are unforeseen complications, any extra cost will be discussed and agreed with the customer before the work commences.
  • Windows Cleaned Today reserves the right to cancel any work with prior notice. We will endeavour to make another appointment as soon as mutually convenient.
  • Customers on water meters Windows Cleaned Today are not liable for incurred costs why work is being carried out on the property of the owner/customer
  • Many factors can affect how often your windows need cleaning. We use a general guideline of between 4 and 6 weeks for general work
  • One-off cleans and cleans on a longer basis, such as 8 weekly, will first have to be discussed with Windows Cleaned Today, and a price agreed before work is to commence. Prices may vary.

Commercial work

  • payment required within 28 days Additional commercial late payment fee of 8% added per day overdue.
  • Customers who wish to cancel their contract with us before the end of the agreed contract period are required to pay the remainder of the contract fee upon cancellation.