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Conservatory Window Cleaning in

DarlingtonIngleby BarwickStockton-on-TeesDurhamMiddlesbroughTS & DL Post Codes

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A clean conservatory can mean the difference between a useable room and a room you never use. It’s good practice to clean your conservatory roof at least once every couple of years, if not annually.

A conservatory clean consists of the following:

  • Full exterior decontamination
  • Roof panels decontaminated, and scrubbed with brushed and chemicals
  • Finial clean (decorative area on top of the conservatory)
  • Gutter clean (exterior)
  • Window clean
  • All frames cleaned
  • Sills and doors cleaned

About our conservatory cleaning process

The full conservatory clean begins with a chemical wash down which helps to loosen the dirt, lichen and other growths from the surface, this is scrubbed in to help agitate the dirt and lift it from the surface. We use a variety of cleaning tools to help aid the cleaning process during this time, to deep clean all the white plastics and remove in ground dirt from the surface.

After this process is complete, a rinse down is provided to wash the dirt away, using purified water, we do not use any high pressure as this can damage the seals of the roof and windows, we use a light rinse technique, similar to when we clean windows.

We use the same process on the gutter exteriors, frames, sills and doors of the conservatory to remove as much in ground dirt as possible, followed up with a pure water window clean which will leave the windows looking spotless.

We have access to a wide variety of tools, chemicals and techniques, of which our staff are trained to use to get the best results possible for the customer.

There are times, that we cannot access the roof from the ground, where of which we will use a specially designed ladder known as a conservatory ladder, which places a strut across the roof pillars of the conservatory roof which enables us to climb onto the roof with minimal risk to our staff and no risk of damage to the conservatory itself.

Using this technique is extremely useful, when brushes just won’t cut it and a more aggressive hands on cleaning approach is required. Suction cups anchor the ladder to the windows of the conservatory to prevent ladder slippage when a member of the team is carrying out work.

There will always be at least 2 members of staff on site when this type of work is carried out for safety reasons.

Internal Conservatory Roof Cleaning

The internals of a conservatory roof can be challenging, there can be some hard to reach areas, blinds and light fittings which may be blocking access from the ground. That’s why we use ladders inside your conservatory in order to achieve the best results.

Firstly a trade secret chemical is applied to the beams and roof areas which soaks for up to 60 seconds, which breaks down the fly mess, dirt, dust, cobwebs, grease and other stains which is then wiped away using microfibre cloths. This is completed for the whole roof, windows, frames, sills and doors, should you opt for a full conservatory clean.

The conservatory then undergoes a secondary clean using pure water and microfibre cloths to remove and residue from the initial clean leaving a bright, clean and shiny surface. This process is completed on the frames, sills and glass of the conservatory. If the roof is made of glass, we will sometimes use squeegees to further improve the clarity of the glass to give it the best shine possible.

Light fittings can also be wiped down of any dust and grime also along with any decorative railings. Orangery’s, particularly ones which are placed over kitchens will benefit highly from the techniques and chemical processes we offer to give the best possible clean.

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Windows Cleaned Today only use Pure Water

We now produce and sell our own pure water for internal window cleaning.

Our water has gone through a 4 stage filtration system which has removed all impurities in the water, leaving 100% pure water.

Spray a light haze on window to be cleaned. Using a dedicated microfibre cloth, wipe the window in cross hatch motions. After this is complete always use a dry microfibre or glass cloth and buff to a streak free shine. Repeat as necessary.

For use on all surfaces – does not leave streaking.

We always have supplies in our vehicles or you can add a bottle to your order in the message box.

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