Professional Window Cleaning in DarlingtonIngleby BarwickStockton-on-TeesDurhamMiddlesbroughTS & DL Post Codes

Professional Window Cleaning in

DarlingtonIngleby BarwickStockton-on-TeesDurhamMiddlesbroughTS & DL Post Codes

Residential Window Cleaning North East England

The majority of the work we do involves servicing residential customers within the North East of England, centred in and around the Darlington and County Durham area. We do travel further afield however, offering our services, in Gateshead, Stockton, Richmondshire, Catterick, Harrogate and many more.

Our staff are uniformed and they are polite; ensuring the standards of work are kept high, which is what you would expect of a 5 star company. A typical residential window clean always consists of vents, window frames, sills, doors and garage doors – with every clean. This ensures the highest standards are maintained, protecting your investment, and keeping your home looking the best it can all year around.

Did we mention that we use hot pure water for our cleaning process? That’s not all Windows Cleaned Today Ltd offer to help keep us head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

We recommend a 6 weekly cleaning cycle, which is not so often that it is breaking the bank, but also not so long that the windows become “dirty” again. It’s a maintenance cycle which gives you around 8 cleans per year, which after the level of clean you will receive will be the perfect amount. This is something that we as a company, have spent a lot of time trying to find the best all round setup for our customers, to get the best results and give the customer peace of mind that the job they are receiving is the right one.

There is more than the frequency of cleans to be considering however, knowing when your cleaning professional will be attending your property is also a must, what if your back gate is locked for example? This is where our automated text/email service comes into its own. A simple reminder text or email is delivered to you the day before we come to give you time to respond if anything has changed. If access is required for example, you will know we are coming and know if you need to be at home, or if you need to leave the back gate unlocked to gain access to your property to clean the windows.

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Hassle free payments for your window cleaning

Payment is equally as easy as everything else and these days it should be. We offer a Direct debit service, which we use our partner for GoCardless. A simple link is sent to you the customer, either via text or email where you can set up your account within 30 seconds. After a job is completed, an operator, will send you an invoice, stating that the job has been completed. This invoice will be for your records only and payment will automatically debited from your account 5 working days after the completion of the work carried out. It couldn’t be simpler right? The same process happens for every clean.

Internal window cleaning also available!

Windows Cleaned Today LTD also offers internal window cleaning where applicable. The majority of our internal cleaning business however, is focused around our purified water brand. We produce, bottle and label our own pure water brand which allows you to achieve the same results inside your home, as we do on the outside. This product gives you streak and smear free shine on not only your glass, but other objects around the home, including TV’s, mirrors, glasses, glass or mirrored furniture and many more things! It’s as simple as following the instructions listed on the bottle and you will be on your way to having the best looking windows in town!

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Windows Cleaned Today only use Pure Water

We now produce and sell our own pure water for internal window cleaning.

Our water has gone through a 4 stage filtration system which has removed all impurities in the water, leaving 100% pure water.

Spray a light haze on window to be cleaned. Using a dedicated microfibre cloth, wipe the window in cross hatch motions. After this is complete always use a dry microfibre or glass cloth and buff to a streak free shine. Repeat as necessary.

For use on all surfaces – does not leave streaking.

We always have supplies in our vehicles or you can add a bottle to your order in the message box.

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