Professional Window Cleaning in DarlingtonIngleby BarwickStockton-on-TeesDurhamMiddlesbroughTS & DL Post Codes

Professional Window Cleaning in

DarlingtonIngleby BarwickStockton-on-TeesDurhamMiddlesbroughTS & DL Post Codes

Top Rated Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Whether you have a small storefront, or you are looking to have a shopping mall or office block cleaned, we undertake all commercial premises providing a 5 star service for all of our clients.

Commercial Window Cleaning Works Undertaken:

  • Shop fronts
  • Signage
  • Supermarkets
  • Office blocks
  • Shopping malls
  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Industrial sites
  • Tower blocks (up to 70ft)
  • Churches (places of worship)
  • Fuel stations

Fully equipped for your commercial cleaning needs

We can also offer gutter clearing and maintenance, cladding cleaning and lite chemical cleaning for these property types. Our vehicles are fully equipped with all required cleaning tools, products and staff which are fully trained, checked and vetted. Our staff are prompt, polite and hard working, looking to provide you with the best service, which not only represents us and our high standards, but will also propel your company/building premises with the same high standards, showing your clients that you have an invested interest in the appearance and cleanliness of your premises.

Fully insured Window Cleaning Company

Insurance is paramount when a company is working for your company and on your premises which is why we are full insured with a public liability insurance limit of indemnity of £5,000,000 and an employer’s liability insurance limit of indemnity of £10,000,000. Our certificates are available on our website and are also available on request. RAMs are also something that we take seriously, and we made sure our staff are safe on site.

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Window Cleaners

Windows Cleaned Today only use Pure Water

We now produce and sell our own pure water for internal window cleaning.

Our water has gone through a 4 stage filtration system which has removed all impurities in the water, leaving 100% pure water.

Spray a light haze on window to be cleaned. Using a dedicated microfibre cloth, wipe the window in cross hatch motions. After this is complete always use a dry microfibre or glass cloth and buff to a streak free shine. Repeat as necessary.

For use on all surfaces – does not leave streaking.

We always have supplies in our vehicles or you can add a bottle to your order in the message box.

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