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Professional Gutter Cleaning in

DarlingtonIngleby BarwickStockton-on-TeesDurhamMiddlesbroughTS & DL Post Codes

Gutter Cleaning – Property Maintenance

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your property. A blockage in your gutter or downpipe, even partial, can actually cause the gutter to overflow, potentially leading to water running down the outside of the wall of your property. This can cause damp inside the property, mould and even structural problems if left long enough.

It is recommended that gutters are checked and cleaned of debris at least once per year, after the autumn leaves have fallen. This is the time when they are most likely to become blocked, when left the leaves decompose and builds up a silt which without enough rainfall can become stuck in the gutter, birds can drop seeds through various means and growth can start.

Specially equipped for all your gutter cleaning needs

Our specially equipped vehicles, has a built in generator, gutter vacuum, poles, pipes, basically everything required to clean your gutters, generally from the ground. We also have ladders from hard to reach areas, and access where it is not possible to completely clear a gutter from the ground.

We use a powerful 3400 Watt gutter vacuum, which has a high level of suction, this coupled with a 10m suction pipe, and up to 50ft of poles which can be coupled together, the machine can vacuum debris from gutters with ease. The generator on board in our vehicle is a 15hp petrol generator which is capable of providing power to our machinery for many hours of use without the need for us to plug into customers electricity, this is a game changer and allows our teams to service your gutters without you having to be at home and supply electricity.

Inspections can be done from the ground use state of the art camera systems, which photographs/videos the gutters and any potential issues without having the health and safety risk of using a ladder. These images can be emailed to the customer when supplying a quotation for the works. Sometimes debris can be seen from the ground, that’s when you know you have an imminent problem.

Gutter Cleaning Experts in Darlington, working across the North East

When you have your gutters cleaned by us, downpipes and drains are also checked, even the debris are taken away from your property and disposed of correctly. We also supply a clip and connection check so you can have complete peace of mind with the job being carried out. When you have your gutters cleaned by our team, an automated email or text will be supplied when it is time to have them checked again, so you don’t have to remember, everything is stored in our secure system.

If you aren’t having your gutters checked and cleared regularly, then get booked in today and get your free quotation.

Gutter, Soffit and Fascia Cleaning

One of the first things that you or someone else looks at when you or they first approach your property is the fascia’s, soffits and gutters. They are a statement about how looked after your property is, especially when selling a property.

We use the latest tools and equipment to give a superior clean and shine to your fascia’s soffits and gutters. Chemicals are often used to get the best results using reach and wash systems from the ground to minimise risk to staff using ladder, however, there may be occasions where ladders may be applicable for the job.

hover to see the difference!

Here is a full breakdown of the process used to get your gutters, fascia’s and soffits looking there best.

  • 1
    We first wet the areas that are going to be cleaned, either with the reach and wash system or with a hose pipe.
  • 2
    Secondly a chemical is applied to the surface of all the white areas which are to be cleaned, either with a chemical sprayer from the ground on a pole, or with a brush.
  • 3
    Next, the chemical is agitated using brushes, pads and other tools to lift the dirt and stains from the surface.
  • 4
    The chemical is left to dwell for a couple of minutes to give maximum effectiveness.
  • 5
    The chemical is then rinsed with hot pure water from our on-board system, which will strip the dirt from the surface, leaving a white, clean surface.
  • 6
    This applies to all the white areas, fascia’s, soffits, gutters and gable ends if applicable.
  • 7
    After this is complete these same processes can be applied to porches and to windows, frames, sills and doors, we can even apply this to the garage door if you have one.

The difference after having a service like this completed on your property is easy to see; your neighbours will be envious!

If you are looking for the best solution and you are looking for a 5 star service throughout, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and let us show you what we can do for you and your property.

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Window Cleaners

Windows Cleaned Today only use Pure Water

We now produce and sell our own pure water for internal window cleaning.

Our water has gone through a 4 stage filtration system which has removed all impurities in the water, leaving 100% pure water.

Spray a light haze on window to be cleaned. Using a dedicated microfibre cloth, wipe the window in cross hatch motions. After this is complete always use a dry microfibre or glass cloth and buff to a streak free shine. Repeat as necessary.

For use on all surfaces – does not leave streaking.

We always have supplies in our vehicles or you can add a bottle to your order in the message box.

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