About this Commercial Window Cleaning job

This window cleaning job involved:

  • To clean all exterior window frames, sills and glass
  • Wipe down all internal frames
  • Clean all internal glass
  • Glass balustrades to be cleaned
  • All roof lanterns to be washed down
  • Internal roof courtyard to be cleaned
  • Ingleby Barwick, Teesside

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More information about how this Commercial Window Cleaning job was carried out

Initially we carried out an estimate and a walk around of the building and all the areas of access. We worked out where we would be able to park our vehicles, while still having enough roof and lengths from our pipework to still gain access to some difficult areas.

We estimated around 3 days to carry out the work to the standard which we had set, which involved cleaning the roof lanterns and working our way down and around the exterior of the building. The lanterns had been previously left by other window cleaning companies as it was most likely deemed as not a good use of time to clean them, regardless, we got them cleaned, the difference was noticeable from the inside of the building also, allowing increased light to pass through them.

The courtyard was then the next port of call, getting the pipes and poles up there was a challenge in itself but it was done. Cleaning began on all the frames, then moving onto the glass, which was all in dire need of a good clean. These type of buildings generally only undergo cleaning once per year, so there is a lot of build up in that time. On this occasion the building hadn’t been cleaned in over 2 years and was cleaned substandard by the previous company leaving many areas not touched.

After this area was complete, we then moved on to working from the ground, working at 3 stories high, cleaning from one side to the other before moving down a level and so on, until that side of the building was complete and moving to another side. It took an entire day to complete the outside of the building only.

Day 2 comprised of wiping down all of the internal frames of the school and cleaning all of the glass, wiping the sills and cleaning partitions and doors. There was a lot of dust in many areas which had never been touched since the school had been built, which we made light work of, first spraying the area to dampen the dust, then wiping with microfibre cloths. This process again took a further day to complete, as there were many areas in this school and it needed a deep clean.

Day 3  was to clean the internal glass of the entrance hall which required a ladder to access and also to clean all of the glass balustrades which comprise of 3 levels, both sides. This required an adaption to some of our tools in order to reach and clean these glass balustrades to a high standard, difficult as it was, we completed this process within half a day.

Upon completion of the work, we showed the client around the building explaining what we had done and what, if anything, we had noticed which may need rectifying. This took a further half hour, but with all of our clients, we like to make sure nothing has been missed and that they are fully satisfied with the level of work carried out.

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