About this Residential Window Cleaning job

This window cleaning job involved:

  • Prior Inspection
  • Booking
  • Cleaning of Facias, soffits, gutters, window frames, sills, doors and glass
  • Moss growth within the seals of the conservatory removed
  • Deep cleaning of all plastics undertaken
  • Final rinse down of everything with hot pure water
  • Final inspection and walk around
  • Darlington (DL1)

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More information about how this Residential Window Cleaning job was carried out

This homeowners property was in desperate need of a deep clean.

This particular clean was booked in some months before the commencement of the work, which is why it is vital to do a secondary inspection before we commence work, to ensure nothing has changed or become damaged. In this case, the weather had changed somewhat due to the season changing and there was larger amounts of moss apparent within the seals of the conservatory window frames. This is almost always due to the lack of heat within a conservatory over the winter months and improper cleaning beforehand. A damp environment will promote growth within these areas.

Work was started at the rear of the property of the facias, soffits, gutters and downpipes, using our “secret sauce” chemical which breaks down dirt, grime and growth on plastics. Taking our time to carefully apply, agitate, dwell and rinse each section off thoroughly before moving onto the next area, we were able to achieve high standards from the ground using telescopic poles and brushes. A rinse consists of purified hot water which we store on board in our vehicles, ensuring that heat is applied to aid in the cleaning process.

We then moved onto the frames, sills and doors below, using a variety of cleaning agents and tools, we were able to achieve nearly flawless results, removing the moss growths from the seals completely, thus preventing regrowth in the future. It would take many years of neglect to show itself again.

The hinges on conservatory doors can also pose a challenge, as they are intricate areas, which can be difficult to clean. We use the right tools to tackle these areas so they do not promote any problems.

After everything had been cleaned down, we gave a final check over and rinsed any areas which needed double checking before completing and signing off on the job, the customer was amazed at the level of detail we go to.

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