About this Residential Window Cleaning job

Details of Works Undertaken:


  • In person prior assessment

  • Second assessment upon commencement of cleaning

  • TFR chemical applied by brush to each window

  • Detailing brushes used to remove stubborn dirt

  • Stiff brushes used for heavy soiling

  • Frames, sills, doors and garage doors all get chemical treatment

  • Hot purified water used to rinse down windows and doors

  • Your property looks magnificent!

  • Final assessment made to check completed works

  • Payments made automatically

  • Ingleby Barwick

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More information about how this Residential Window Cleaning job was carried out

This property was a highly unique property indeed, with 2 layers of balconies which were in desperate need of a deep clean. The frames on this property were black powder coated aluminium which hadn’t been cleaned in a few years, although hard wearing, the dirt was beginning to stain the powder coating which needed to be removed and a layer of protection needed to be applied.

The second assessment of the property is made on the day of clean, this is to ensure that access is free to all windows and doors, there is no damage to the windows which was either not noticed before works carry out or if something has changed. The customer doesn’t always need to be around for the first clean, but we prefer them to be, in order to watch how our team works, the attention to detail and also for a post assessment of the cleaning, this is to ensure the customer’s needs are met and that they are fully satisfied with the works they have received.

Each window is first rinsed of debris and allowed to soak for around 30 seconds, and then a TFR chemical is applied to the surfaces with a brush and scrubbed in, this is allowed to dwell for a few moments before it is then rinsed off.

Each window is detailed thoroughly, using a range of detailing brushes to get into the corners and hard to reach areas of the window, this pulls out the most stubborn dirt, like moss allowing us to get a fantastic finish. On top of this, cleaning paste is used where applicable as a more aggressive type of cleaning on plastics. On this job in particular, cleaning paste was not used, as it would damage the painted aluminium.

Upon completion of this process, the frame, vent, glass, and sill and rinsed down to produce a gleaming window, as we use hot purified water which is heated to 45c, any remaining contaminants are rinsed away. The chemical we use also leave behind a wax, which is safe on the windows and frames, which makes them really stand out.

This process is completed, for every window, door and garage door on your property. In this case, we also cleaned the glass balconies on both sides, till they were so clean, you couldn’t see that they were there!

The only service we offer, is one of high quality, reliability, and of high value. We aim to give our clientele the best of the best in the industry.

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