About this Residential Window Cleaning job

This window cleaning job involved:

  • Wipe down all internal frames
  • Clean leaded windows using internal cleaning spray and 2 microfibre cloths.
  • Clean glass partitions
  • Clean internal windows
  • Clean all window sills
  • Clean glass above doorways
  • Clean all mirrors within the property
  • West Park, Darlington (DL3)

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More information about how this Residential Window Cleaning job was carried out

Firstly an assessment of the property is made by first arranging a time to meet with the customer to discuss what level of cleaning needs to be done and also to understand any special requirements or levels of access required.

After this has been completed, the customers details are securely stored within our system which will generate a job number and date we will be at the customers property. In this case, we also needed to arrange a time of day as we needed to gain access to the property to carry the work out.

There was narrow access to clean the older stained glass lead lights which needed to be cleaned by microfibre and pure water. One clean cloth, lightly mist the window, rub over with a clean glass cloth, and then using another clean glass cloth details each piece of glass. It took some time but the results were remarkable. These windows had been cleaned for years, but not as thoroughly.

The window tracks also needed a clean afterwards, as loose dirt had fallen into them, ruining the look of the window, a clean damp microfibre was used to lift and wipe away the dirt, leaving a clean and dust free window track. Where more attention is required, sugar soap can often be used to facilitate with cleaning, this is especially used on properties where cleaning has not been done for many years and a layer of grease has built up on the glass and window frames.

When equipped with the right gear and the knowledge and expertise, no job is too difficult, but it does take time to complete to a high standard which is something we pride ourselves on, we take the time which is needed and not rushed to complete cleaning to a high standard.

If you would like to book us in for an internal window cleaning quote and enjoy sparkling streak and smear free windows, give us a call or text on: 07788 373 003 or get in touch via our contact page.

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